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Thread: Yeeeeeeesssssss

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    You sound excited Taff? You must of been watching same game as i did lol. Im a jock, missus is english. Its all good

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    I twigged it a bit slow much like the england backs a well deserved win for the sheep worriers .
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    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Turned down tickets as I was working, great game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Whats happened mate?

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    go on the jocks give us a game bash the frogs , can't be as bad as england did ?

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    Well desreved result.. Well done.


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    As much as it pains me too I feel I should just write well done Wales , that was real gameplay and we got an education . Nice one lads

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    Well I thought Terry would of been all over this one..!!!!
    The boyo's did good aye

    spot the Welsh man....!!!

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    The English will also have a hangover but for all the wrong reasons...oooopppsss... Lol

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