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Thread: Zeiss 2.5-10x48T No 4 reticle

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    Zeiss 2.5-10x48T No 4 reticle

    Very good condition. Spotless glass. No. 4 reticle. Serial 631615. Some small (tiny) marks to tube (shown in pics). Very light marks of one set of rings on the scope (only had it on one rifle ever) - not deep scatches - faint ring marks. No big knocks. Optics perfect. This has sat on my .308 Riflecraft LSR for 2 years with not a lot of use except afternoons at targets and a few sessions at roe and fallow. I have other rifles that I use for hard work, foxing etc.

    I stand behind this scope's consistency and repeatability; it is a very fine riflescope that hasn't had much use outside of range days and occasional stalking forays.

    I am looking to sell this scope (and possibly my tack-driver Riflecraft .308 LSR - light sporting rifle - not decided yet) to part pay for the cripplingly expensive repair and reconditioning of a pair of guns I have inherited.

    Pics below. The equivalent scope retails for a grand or just under at Sportsman and Zeiss are forever pushing prices higher. I'm looking for a sensible offer (not stupidly high or low) for a good strong lightly used Zeiss 2.5-10x48T in VGC. Thought to offer here before going to fleebay. No box, but have other scope boxes to use for posting.
    Pls PM if interested.
    Best, Craig


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    Sold on fleebay pending payment. Best, Craig

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    Couldn't see it on the bay but I don't blame you. I wouldn't bother wasting typing energy advertising anything you hope to get a reasonable price for on here, unless it's free or ridiculously cheap stick it on e-bay everytime. I am beginning to think that the majority of people on this site expect everything for free, including stalking and kit judging by the pm's I've had.

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    The auction has ended so you wouldn't see it on fleebay. Happy with the buy it now sale price, taken 24hrs after listing.
    Of course you get access to more potential buyers on fleebay than here, but what you said is a sweeping and, I would venture, largely unfair generalisation.
    I think the SD classifeds section is fine and am grateful for it.

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    Well said Mauser66


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