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Thread: remington 700 action screws

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    remington 700 action screws

    Hi all,
    i've changed stocks on one of my remmy 700 and need a pair of action screws for it, please let me know if you can help.

    Atb Matt

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    Probably got a few stainless ones any use.


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    That would be very kind of you if i could have a pair that would be great.

    Many thanks Matt

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    Still looking, preferably stainless, happy to pay, not looking for a freebee

    Atb Matt

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    Matt I think I it just the 2 screws you require (Pair?)
    Can throw them in with the NM800
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    Yes a pair is what i'm after frint and back for the bottom metal, Could you give me a call as per my pm

    atb Matt

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    All Sorted now many thanks to Kieth (TWG1)

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