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    Hi all is anyone using a nm800 ir with a gen 3 pvs 14, just wondering if the powerlevels are suitable and others experiance.

    Atb Matt

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    I went out briefly with someone who had a PVS and tried the Nm 800IRLED with it and it worked brilliantly. Can't help about the power levels though!

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    I have a PVS-14 and a NM, it works very well indeed, if anything it provides too much light (on max, I don't use the variable power level, it just pisses me off by changing when you don't want it to) when using the PVS on it's own, but when you start using magnifying lenses or as an add-on its the dogs danglies.

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    good to hear what scopes are you using with the pvs 14?, is it you that has a March for sale?

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    I have tried the PVS behind a S&B PMII and a Zeiss Victory and it works well behind both, but you do need lots more IR when using it as an add-on, however I mostly use it as a spotter with a 3x lens where it really excells.

    Yes, the March in the classifieds is mine.

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    How is it behind the March, i have one in use with a S&B PMII, I'm Interested in the March but have a few questions, could you pm me your number.

    Atb Matt

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    NM works well with the PVS - just need to keep the gain turned down as Anthony says, it can be a bit bright! I use mine with Nightforce and Swarovski Z6 - both with excellent sight picture and results.
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