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Thread: is this ever right to show?

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    is this ever right to show?

    is it just me or should cr@p like this never see the light of day, maybe im wrong maybe the gun is up to the job and the chap is an excellent marksman as after all he seems to do the job on the deer but this just enrages me at the start he states its running at 100ftlb so basically its not far from a .22lr using sub-sonic ammo and then to make it even more risky he goes out with night vision does this turd have any thought for the welfare of his quarry at all?

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    And people worry about their .243 not being up to the job


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    I may be wrong but it appears to be legal where ever he's shooting.
    Wouldn't see the light of day here though.
    Similar feelings on this as I have with bow hunting i.e. not sure about it and therefore not on my bucket list!


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    Team Wild. Ian Harford. Say no more...

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    No one forces you to watch it

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwd View Post
    No one forces you to watch it
    quite right i suppose but no one forces them to do stunts like this but the sika will be forced to deal with it when it goes wrong

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    Its legal where he was, a lot on here may be to young to remember but its not so long ago when there was no restriction on calibres used for deer here, I have shot my fair share of Roe with .22lr would I do it now NO! but never give it a thought at the time as it was normal practice.

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    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!

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    There is shooting and hunting practices all over the world that don't go down well in blighty but don't let this get personal we have had that a lot recently I'm sure mr Harford has broad shoulders and any publicity good or bad is at least publicity but if you feel the need to call him names at least wait till kelmarsh or the midland Ect then have a go face to face .debating is fine I'm sure know one would deny that name calling is play ground stuff .

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    So you call him a "turd" for doing something thats legal and you personally wouldnt do.Nice.

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