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Thread: H4350 & .243 55gn BT's - recipe?

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    H4350 & .243 55gn BT's - recipe?

    Is anyone using this combo as can't find any data for min/max loads and min OAL?

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    I have that. I will call you later mate.

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    Isn't 4350 more suited to heavier bullets in 243 - 100 grains and above?
    I'm curious to hear what velocities you get with 55 grainers.


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    BD is using the powder he has. And H4350 is listed in the accurate arms data.

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    The OP asked about H4350 which in my experience is a Hodgdon powder - On line Hodgdon only give loading data for 243 starting at 80 grain bullets - hence my question.

    Accurate produce 4350 (without the H prefix) and they do show loads for 55 grain bullets.

    I suspect that these two powders are NOT exactly the same product & it has been the norm in the past to advise against using one manufacturers' data for another make of powder.

    I wasn't advising BD against using the powder he has, but he should not be given incorrect information that could possibly put him in a dangerous situation.

    I too have some H4350 (Hodgdon) that I intend to use for 243, but I will only use it for the heavier bullets which are in the mid range of weights that Hodgdon publish data for - in my case 100 grain Winchester PP.


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    Had a look around on American forums to see what people are using - there are a few suggested loads people have worked with that are in line with what simjim said (not that I don't trust you mate was just curious about COAL).

    Yorric you're right it isn't an ideal powder, but am trying to work with what I have... Will let you know how I get on.

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    Let us know if you get a nice fireworks display (muzzle flash)! You have a slow powder & light bullet & may not get full combustion inside the barrel.
    (I'd shoot the first ones without the moderator on just to see what it's like).
    Work up carefully - Have fun.


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    BD, I know were there is some Varget if you want some of that. I find Varget very good with light bullets in 243.

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    I use h4895 with 58 gn v max in my .243

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholiath View Post
    I use h4895 with 58 gn v max in my .243
    How many grains, and what's your oal?


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