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Thread: Dachshund Progress

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    Dachshund Progress

    Quick wee update as to how Charlie is doing. He's now 7 months old (and still tiny - 7.5kg) but has done quite a few tracks on shot deer now, none lost and most dropped to shot but he has found them all of his own accord. Most I've made sure to approach from down wind so he has the best chance and as soon as his nose gets a wiff that's it he's off to find it.

    Ive been trying him on just foot scents recently and he did a lovely 400 yard follow through some woodland and across arable land yesterday. The deer had been spooked out an hour previous so they were long gone but thought I'd try him anyway. Just a short video below as anything bigger would take an age to upload from my mobile.


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    Love the "Doe with strategic antlers"!

    Fine looking young dachsie. Just take your time with him. A couple of tips from the training of my own teckel. Keep going with some fun tracking exercises on blood or dragged deer parts. Lay the tracks with the wind so that he has to ground scent. On shot deer you seem to be taking him to a false position i.e. you know where the deer is so you're taking him to a point where he can pick up the air scent. It really is better to take him to where the deer was shot. Share your excitement with him at finding the spot and then give him your choice of command to "find". The wind direction is irrelevant but primarily he should be ground scenting. I hope this helps as they're great deer dogs.

    My chap is from German Hunting Stock and is now just under 1 year old. There are some photos on my blog - but none to compare with your "doe" - gone quite weak at the knees!


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    Sounds like he's coming along well!

    I'm planning on getting a dachs too, so look forward to hear how it goes.

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