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Thread: Rabbits

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    Question Rabbits

    Just waiting on my FAC to drop through the letter box then off to my RFD to get my .22lr. Obviuosly quite keen to get out and do some bunny bashing on my permission so was having a trawl through the tinternet for a cheap lamping set up that can be mounted ont orifle etc. Any opinions are most welcome


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    Most commercial lamping kits are a rip off in my mind.The distance you need for rabbits just get a cree led torch off ebay and a mount,no need for lamps and battery packs for that type of shooting.I bought one and can shoot foxes out to 200 yds with it on my 223

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    cheers pal, just had a look on ebay/amazon. Proper xheap and they look like they will do the job perfectly.

    Many thanks Mick

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    I have a Led Lenser P7 on my .22
    Got mine from Ebay it is great has about 100yrd beam

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    The higher priced items often come with a dimmer which in my opinion has doubled my bags

    I use a deben Tristar and a 20 quid ebay lithium battery for rabbits and foxes. 70 all in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark scargill View Post
    Adam got a Ruger 22 rimfire for sale ,all ready to go with moderator sling and scope ,let me know if you are interested synthetic stock 10 22 ruger
    Cheers for the offer pal but im sorted on the rifle side of it. Got a good deal from a fellow SD member and it is in the Shop just waiting for me to get my FAC so i can collect.

    Many thanks anyway for the offer. You aint selling a .270 by any chance?lol

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    Haven`t shot a rabbit with the .22 since my lurcher turned 10 months old !

    I use a lightforce 170, and a mate to be lampman when oot with the rifle, I also have a deben trithingywhatsit led

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    Recommend the Clulite Masterlight Supreme, pricey but a very good bit of kit. Easy to swap on guns and a good kit.

    Also use a handheld lightforce 170 for longer range spotting or when I have a lampman from the car.

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    theres a sd member selling a deban tracer max for 56 posted, looks in good condition, was tempted myself but i already have one, its ideal on a .22 rim
    good price to

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    where aboot in east lothian are yee a hope yee ar no poachin ma groond at tranent or yee will ken a aboot it

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