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Thread: Scope for .270

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    Scope for .270

    I am quite new to the Stalking world and just waiting for my FAC to drop through the door. Looking at getting my first .270 and also a half decent scope for it. Been looking online and just wondered what peoples opinion was of the Leupold "Rifleman" 3-9 x 40. Seen one for 125.

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    I have had most of he leupold range at one time or another and they are very well made scopes but I changed all mine for fixed mag vs. variables and my 270 currently sports a 6x40

    Leupolds are good value for the money but I am inclined to say you can get a better quality scope second hand

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    If you are shooting at either first or last light your wasting your money you would be better looking around for 7 or 8 x 50 fixed power euro scope

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    I use a burris fullfield 2 on mine its been on now three years and has been no problem and i use it every day and also foxing at night ,well worth it and a good price to boot, if you are on a budget look at those or sightron as i have one of those on a 300 winmag and also on another 270 lifetime warranty as well,hope this helps wayne
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    save yourself time , money and hassle and buy a schmidt and bender 6 x 42

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    Have had a rifleman for 10 yrs had it on 22,243,270 never had a problem with it.

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