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Thread: Recomend me a good flashlight (mag lite kinda thing )

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    Recomend me a good flashlight (mag lite kinda thing )

    Someone recommend me a good torch ? Pocket size but packs a punch please !

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    Surefire P6 LED type or NM 800 bit bigger and rather powerful

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    Get looked on flea bay plenty to choose from and cheap any 1000 lumen led should do i have a fandyfire

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    Go on evil bay and type in 18650 torch then get something like this 12W 1800Lm CREE XM-L T6 LED Zoom Zoomable Flashlight Torch Light Lamp 18650/AAA | eBay

    UltraFire 1600LM CREE XM-L T6 LED Zoomable Flashlight Torch + 18650 Battery UK | eBay

    the batteries last for ever and they are hugely bright I love mine just make sure you get a UK seller and they are great value for money batteries are cheap and rechargeable
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    cree is the shizzle.... don't think just buy off ebay

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    For anyone with an old Maglite torch if you wanna bring a new lease of life to it then buy a replacement led bulb for it about 10 !

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    a 1 watt cree headlamp is the way to go,
    leaves both hands free. TKmax had some reduced
    last week. The zoomable ultrafires/CREE that Mongoose recommends are v good
    light to carry,very bright, will dazzle poachers, and will zoom out to 100yards

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    Lenser P7

    Values for money? Tescos do some dead cheap LED 1W jobs that take 2xAAs and work well (we've two) and make my 1980s 6 cell maglite look crap except for close contact work.

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