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Thread: S&B or Duralyt?

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    S&B or Duralyt?

    Hello, im a very serious hunter from Denmark. Found a lot of good thread on this site so I decided to post here.

    I have a cal. 308 that needs a scope to follow me on all my hunts. From daytime hunting here in Denmark to roebucks and wildboars in Sweden, Scotland and so on.

    I have found 2 scopes that fits my budget right now.

    The first is a new Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 non ill.

    And the second is a S&B Classic(Klassik?) 3-12x50 non ill. (Maybe 2,5-10x56.)

    The S&B i've found is a little bit cheaper than the Duralyt.

    I have never owned high-end quality optics before, so I dont care if the scope has a S&B or a Zeiss logo.

    I just wanna know which of there will suit me best. (Clarity, robust, reticles and so on)

    To me, the S&B scopes look a lot better than the Duralyt. But I wanna hear your opinions.


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    There is very little in it but I think I would go s&b personally but neither is a bad scope

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    For robustness definitely the S&B! But for quality etc they're equal!
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    I went for the Duralyt for my 1st a few months ago. TBH, I don't think either will be a bad choice.

    Whatever you choose, enjoy your shooting!



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    I'd go with the S+B. Reticules vary so i would find out what reticule is actually fitted.

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    Duralyt was my choice, but you wont be disappointed with either!

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    S&B every time
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    S & B plus one, I have the Klassic 8x56, awesome bit of kit

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    Just got the 2.5-10 x56 s+b . Bloody good scope

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    Duralyt is a good scope for the money, no doubt about it, I have one. But then again so is the S&B! The choice is yours...


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