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    Reading matter

    Ok some advice please, I want to further my knowledge on deer and their management dsc 1 passed dsc 2 portfolio sent in. I was wondering what I could read to further to gain more.

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    Lots of good tiltles to choose from, some i like are A J de Nahlik, "Deer management" and or" Management of deer and their habitat" by same author. Red Deer in the Highlands ,T H Clutton Brock and S D Albon. "Half a century of scottish deer stalking" by G K whitehead if your interested in all aspects of red deer.You can also download studies from the Rhum research and publications on the SNH(DEER COMMISSION) secttion of the web site.

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    If you haven't subscribed to it already I would also recommend the Best Practice Guide, which you can find:

    > on the DI website for England & Wales:,d.ZWU

    > and here for Scotland:,d.ZWU

    Both full of useful info when it comes to deer management.

    The Andrew de Nahlik books are certainly well regarded, but personally I find them a bit dry to read - a useful explanation of the Hoffmann Pyramid though. Richard Prior's book on The Roe Deer is first class, and I've found Dominic Griffith's book very useful. It focuses mostly on fallow and roe, with less on muntjac and pretty much nothing at all on Red, Sika or CWD (but, as he is the first to admit, his ground only holds fallow, roe and muntjac). Charles Smith-Jones is the book to read on muntjac.

    I still find Practical Deer Stalking by G Kenneth Whitehead a useful "go to" book. "Deer" by Norma Chapman is worth getting hold of if you can find a copy. It's full of fascinating information about deer - it's not scientific or about stalking, but a good read nonetheless.

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    WG downloaded n saved DI site to iPad and started downloading to I books real useful easy to read. Ill get some of the others as time goes on.

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