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    question from the new guy


    I have a few questions perhaps someone my be kind enough to answer.

    I have had a big break from stalking, I used to work on an estate and often used an estate rifle with the head keeper. This was a few years back now and I'm trying to get my FAC sorted and back into stalking. I'm trying to get some evidence that I have some stalking booked up for my FEO in Berkshire, as I dont have any land of my own. Initially my FEO stated just put you want to shoot on approved land etc on the application but his college has said I need some evidence which is fair enough I guess. He seems helpful enough and wants me to provide him with a couple of letters or address/numbers from places/people I have arranged to shoot on/with So I intent on ringing around the ad's in the press.

    How does it work when you ring regarding an advert in the shooting press. Do you pay then and there the full amount? Give a deposit or pay on day? I'm on a budget and don't wont to pay too much for stalking prior to sorting my cabinets, fees for sec 2 and sec 1 certificates and then money for rifle once FAC approved. I Ideally wanted to get my FAC sorted and then find some stalking.

    Also could someone please tell me what you guys mean when you say "you have my PM" I expect its chat room speak, but I'm all new to this.

    Many thanks John

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    you have pm.

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    A PM is a Private Message. If you're logged in, you should see 'You have xx new messages' at the top of the screen, between 'Profile' and 'Log out'. If there's a number there, click on it and it will take you to your inbox to read your messages.

    I too got my FAC on the basis of bought stalking, although I already had the DSC1, which really helped. I was advised to show proof of previous stalking ( a letter from the ranger/ PH [Professional Hunter] will do), and I also had to provide a further letter showing intent to stalk again - this could be a letter from a ranger/PH stating that I had booked x days on specific dates, or a letter stating that I had been 'invited to assist with a cull', either on specific dates, or for a season - i.e the winter doe cull, on a parcel of land.

    I've never had to pay a deposit, just pay on the day after the stalk is done.

    Good luck!

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    I'm in a similar situation and am wondering what should I put into question 19 of the FAC application? It says "where do you intend to use the firearm". I obviously do not have my own lease/permission. Should I give contact details to the stalking guides I usually use there? Would they restrict me to shoot only with these guides?


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    try putting something along the lines of "I intend to use the rifle on various farms as I get permission and as they require. I also will take paid stalking throughout the country as and when I can"

    It is better than being specific. On the farm front its worth listing one or two as examples if you can. Theres often a local farmer with approved land that wont mind you citing his land even if you dont shoot it.

    very dependent on the region you are in as well

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