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Thread: How many SD members have you met?

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    How many SD members have you met?

    As it seems to be silly season on here at the moment a comment about people hiding behind anonymity got me thinking... I wonder what proportion of us aren't actually anonymous because we have met other members and actually introduced ourselves as a member on here.

    And is it true that people who are still anonymous on here 'offend' more because they don't have other members who can phone them up and call them a muppet if they post something stupid?
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    Being quite new to the SD family i have only met one person so far (MS). Hopefully in the coming monghts and years this will change and i hope to make lots of new friends

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    i am in the 21-30 bracket but hopefully at the weekend will have met more at kelso ,so dont be shy pop over and say hello,dont know about the hiding behind a sudo name thing some people cant help themselves, i think in the three years on here i have had a couple of doos with folk but they seem to have been culled. some people are on here and like to help out and give advice and others seem to want to cause agro or stir the pot, atb wayne
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    I would not be offended if they called me a muppet, they usually call me much worse, in truth there are quite a few members that I knew before joining, think I have only met two new members since joining.

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    I should add that by 'met' I mean so that both parties are aware they are members and what their usernames are!

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    CSL - what a great thread!

    All I'd add is that no one ever seems to look like what you expect! I've no idea how I thought Jayb was Angelina Jolie's toy boy for example...

    On a heavier ( no pun ) note, I still think some of the heat comes from the passion many of us have for this sport of ours. No excuses, but I can understand how that can cause things to go a bit further than a pause for thought would otherwise indicate. But polite, rational comments will always carry far more clout for me.
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    No one has voted 'none' yet!

    People who haven't voted must be the anonymous troublemakers!

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    voted 31 to 50 bracket met some good people off here regards pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    No one has voted 'none' yet!

    People who haven't voted must be the anonymous troublemakers!
    I can't see that pulling us out of the woodwork oops .

    5 to 10 for myself but knew a couple before joining.
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    Just trying to get a feel for whether JAYB and me are going to need security at the Stalkers Fair

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