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Thread: deerhunter rusky line

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    deerhunter rusky line

    hello gents has anybody got any of the deerhunter rusky line? ive just ordered the rusky bib and brace fro the sportsman guncentre clearence any thought s good or bad? i thought just the thing for sitting in a high seat or even when im pike fishing


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    i have been looking at the exact same deal,12 months ago they were double the price.
    I rate the deerhunter stuff quite high,had a montana coat for ages,will probably take the plunge on the bib i think.

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    ive had a deer hunter rusky bib n brace for just over a year now, i think its a good bit of kit, great for when sitting up in the highseats over the winter, it does get very warm if your walking around in it quite a bit, well worth it!

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    I bought the Rusky trousers in the sales and used them this winter. They are wonderful value for money, I am very pleased with mine.


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    Tanks lads looks like they will be a good bit of kit

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    Good for high seat. Terrible for walking around, the zipp on the legs of mine packed in within a month of buying, I think for the price of deer hunter stuff you could find something far better for the money.


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    Bib and brace is fantastic,had now for a few years and just brought spare from The Sportsman. Brilliant for these frosty mornings.

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    I best get one quick as following this post there will be none left. I got four different deer hunter coats ram, Montana and game stalker plus three pair of trousers. Good gear.

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    I took the plunge and bought a pair of the bibs in the sale, good value at half price!
    I am glad I got the bibs rather than the trousers, as the back bit really keeps the lower back warm. Trousers would ride down, especially sitting in a high seat for hours, you don't need a belt either,a belt seems to dig in if you are sat for any length of time.


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    Mine kept me warm and dry yesterday, minus 3 to start and ending the day with sleet and rain.
    You will need to be able to vent your top though if walking hard.
    The trousers have a high back and sit well with braces but adding the cost of those make the bibs a good deal.

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