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Thread: 2nd pair of binos ( compact )

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    2nd pair of binos ( compact )

    hi gents im loooking for a second pair of binos , i have a pair of 10 x 40 zeiss classics for stalking which are great but im just looking for a smalll compact pair for when im out and about im looking to spend around 200 quid and ive been looking at the minox line can anybody recommed any?

    many thanks

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    Opticron range are worth a look, they are very good clarity in my opinion.


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    My second bins are minoxidil 8x42 very good for the price
    ​ Atb tom

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    thanks for the replies lads im lookinng more and more toward the minoxx lines , many recomendations for them

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    I have a pair of Burris Full Field and I love them

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