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Thread: Stainless drip trays

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    Stainless drip trays

    Stainless drip trays are quite expensive if supplied from the trade. For the last year I have been using stainless roasting tin trays from ikea. For about 8 each they are excellent value for money and clean up very easily without staining and have swing away handles on each side so they can be hung up when not in use. They may be too small for reds but for Fallow, roe and muntjac they are right on the money.

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    Although not as posh as stainless I have some aluminium ones in classifieds if anyone's interested .

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    Though not that cheap Nesbets cattering supplies sell stainless food service trays (the type that sit in the food warmers) in various sizes for not huge money, and they are also useful when you butchering for stacking the cut up meat in.

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    Thinking outside of the box, the insides of old dishwashers are stainless and make good trays and cutting tables with a bit of bodging.

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    Tomato 'grow bag' trays are as good as anything to slide under a suspended deer. Cheap and easy to wash.

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