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    Pietas Venatores

    Dear All,

    Further to the recent enquiry by cohannon, I felt it only appropriate to introduce my business Pietas Venatores to the SD.

    I will shortly be changing the status of this account to 'trade member' of course (before admin enquires).

    I have been a long standing member of the SD, but have been working on Pietas Venatores to become a commercially trading enterprise over the last year or so, and over the course of this spring/summer we will offer the following:

    1. Stock restoration and fine re-finishing, this includes recoil pads, butt-plates, re-shaping, re-cutting worn checkering, installation of grip caps or forends (ebony, rosewood, etc). This service is currently offered and I am quite heavily involved in a few interesting projects I will share in my portfolio, from simply refinishing, to more extensive custom stock work.

    2. Rust bluing - this will be commercially available from late summer 2013.

    3. Leatherware - Pietas Venatores will be offering a selection of the very finest leatherware - including: bullet pouches, bolt holsters, rifle slings, belts, collars, leads, tracking leads, deer carriers, etc.

    4. Apparel & accessories – We will be adding a range of stalking apparel and accessories, designed very much to be ‘fit for purpose’, designed for stalkers, by stalkers.

    Pietas Venatores will be sharing a stand with Fusion Stockworks at the Deerstalking Fair in Kelso next weekend, as PV is a partner in stock finishing for the very high end stock duplication/building services offered by FSW. Please feel free to stop by for a chat!

    At present the Pietas Venatores website is under development, but we hope to unveil it all within the next month or so.

    We aim not to bring you the most expensive products, but the most beautiful, durable, and 'fit for purpose' hunting solutions, all at a reasonable price.

    Please feel free to email with any ideas, questions or projects you may have.

    Yours Sincerely,


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    Hi Peter and congrats on the next chapter.

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    Sounds really exciting , I'd like to speak with you about some deer extraction leather ware !

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    Hi Peter, looking forward to meeting you at the weekend

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome, sounds like a handy service and not too far from me. Certainly like to know more about the bluing service. I have a set of beretta barrels getting very thin on colour. Will watch out for the website. All the best, jim

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