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    Low life

    The other half ladystalker and myself made the trip up to scotland for a spot of roe stalking and some scum lowlife had decided to break into the shoot accomadation, they had thrown a rock through the rear window and tryed to pull the door of but as luck would have it did not gain entry l suspect they was disterbed.

    So day 1 was spent making the caravan secure day 2 was almost rained of but did manage a buck in the rain at which point we decided to call a holt and head home, still we caught up with friends and met new people so all was not doom and gloom.


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    Scumbags.... wheres Tony Martin when you need him!

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    Yp plenty off unwanted people kicking around at the moment,did you manage to take the old buck who's been hanging around the burn below your carravan?? I think it's the same one i watched last year how did you find Duncon he told me he bumped in to you.


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    The buck at the burn lives another day, the 1 l managed to get was well in the w-farm he was giving the 2 does some close attention.

    Duncon seems a sound guy had a good long chat over a coffee down by the south gate on our bit, nice buck he took, be good to have a meet up with all of us if we can sort it sometime.

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    yes he is sound we have a good crack when where together at the moment i'm in front with the bucks across all my ground but he's not far behind,we have just come back again just went for the day and he had a good buck thats his luck,i'v been looking for one for the past 2 years and he is still around well until next time.we must catch up we will be at the midland on the sunday if your around give me a shout

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