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Thread: Weekends hunt

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    Weekends hunt

    Hi Guys

    A quick write up about the weekends stalks.

    Saturday evening we had a guest out on the Fallow (Kieran222 of here).

    We arrived at the estate to resonable weather but the by the time we got out of the vehicles it was raining then sleeting, "great"

    We sat off Stuart to look over some woodland edge, Andy and Kieran to a seat and I was off to stalk some woodland with Max.

    As I got to the edge of the wood I spotted a three legged doe so I backed up and rang Andy to bring Kieran up to try for her.
    They arrived and I showed them where she was feeding although I could no longer see her. They made there approach and Andy spotted the doe tight against the wood as it was now hailing again, he was a true generous host instructing Kieran to crawl to the edge of the bank in the very muddy field while staying on his feet directing from behind .
    Kierans shot the doe and I walked down to them and let Max have a warm up run to find her.

    Andy and Kieran headed up to another seat to try thier luck at last light. I continued my previous stalk and bumped a few does which went past Stu giving no chance of a shot. By the time a I got to Stu it was snowing heavy with huge wet flakes that slapped into your face "NICE"

    Stu went of to another seat and I unloaded the quad and dealt with Kierans doe then sat in the truck with the heater on listening to England get humiliated at rugby

    The guys came back at dark and visabilty down to 50 metres in the mist and what was now rain/sleet having seen no deer, I think they had more sense than us to be out in that weather.

    Sunday morning Andy and I were out on on Muntjac. The morning couldn't have been more different form the evening before it was about -1 and a light covering of snow on all the high ground but at dawn the sun was trying to break through.

    Andy and I were stalking different ends of the estate and would meet up later.

    I set off to an area where we had seen quite a few deer moving around a game cover and found bugger all
    I dropped down int the woods and it was a different world much warmer this felt better.
    I had only gone about 200 yards down the ride when Max indicated deer. I stood still for about a minute before spotting a buck heading up the oppisite bank, he didnt look like he was hanging around obviously aware of us.
    I had the K95 on the sticks just in case he hesitated which he did but only offering a neck shot through a gap in the trees, As the dot found the back of his neck I felt stable so I squeezed the trigger and K95 barked and the buck rolled down the bank without a twitch.

    I cleaned the buck and dropped down through the woods enjoying the sun and half heartedly looking for another deer. I got a text of Andy he was already finnished for the morning so i headed down to the road to meet him. Max gave the game away sniffing around the back of his truck before he could tell me he had been successfull.
    Andy had had a nice morning watching three Muntjac chasing around for quite a few minutes before finally shooting a nice buck.

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    Hi my friend!
    Too, I wasnt out, it was snowing allweekend…

    Congratulations on your hunts, I amreally jealous about your season, at home, there is almost nothing to hunt yet L
    Next weekend we will do some crowshooting, just to handle a gun again!
    So, I am counting down the weeks tillMay…!



    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    I think I've worked out your looking forward to May

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    I must admit the weather did take the shine off the evening. The nearer home I got the worse it became and I wasn't sure I was going to get home along some of the back roads. I wasn't looking forward to walking home in my soaking wet gear. Andy's Munty lookes like a Nice Buck!
    Michael does give off the impression that he is looking forward to May

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    Nice one guys.

    Yep I was out just over the border Sunday morning 4-6" of snow. one solitary doe off my permission. Buggers.

    I do think Michael is looking forward to his 'cull' hunt in May.

    Catch up soon guys


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    As Wayne has said the weather on Saturday afternoon couldnt have been more different than on Sunday morning.

    Fortunately on Sat Wayne spotted a Fallow early on before the snow and mist arrived and called Kieran and I in. We stalked to about 100m from where Wayne had seen the deer. I spotted her on the woodland edge in a hollow. Both of us moving the last 10m to the brow would have increased the chances of being seen so I instructed Keiran to get on his belly in the wet muddy grass while I offered expert guidance from behind . Keiran pulled off a great shot in horrible conditions.

    What a difference on Sunday ! A light covering of snow, frosty and very light wind. At first light I stalked into an area of woodland on top of a hill. As I cleared the brow I left the cold breeze behind and very slowly worked my way along a wide ride. There were numerous pheasants moving about in the improving light so I was spending lots of time scanning. I spotted movement and on raising my binos saw two munties, a young buck and a doe, about 100m in front. I slowly got on my sticks to see the deer move behind some cover. I gave it a couple of minutes and then inched forward. I was confident they hadnt seen me. Suddenly I heard leaves and twigs breaking followed by squeeking. Three munties appeared chasing each other. It appeared to me that a larger buck was chasing the younger buck who was still following the doe. After several minutes of them charging around the younger buck dived into cover about 40m from me. My rifle was still on my sticks as I scanned for this buck. I then noticed the older buck slowly moving towards the buck in cover. At about 50m the older buck cleared the undergrowth and I dropped him where he stood. It had been a good morning . After gralloching ( well away from the ride in an inaccessible area I might add ) I slipped and slided along the steep and muddy rides back to my truck thinking that extracting deer next weekend when Wayne and I are on the Reds might be interesting .

    Met up with Wayne, exchanged stories, his greatly exaggerated of course, bumped into the keeper, took couple photos, had cuppa and still home before 10 .

    B####y great !


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    Good to see even Andy really enjoyed himself and took the trouble writing up a (rather long) story .

    No kidding, good to see the old boys are still out.

    Be sure you and Andy start thinking about coming over to the Netherlands again or to Germany. It has been too long.

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    I hope you are not including me in the "old boys" bit

    When are you in the Uk next mate??

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    Oh wow!
    Andy is becoming a writer... Great!!
    Now we just have to get him a camera and he will start his second career...

    Again, congratulations on a nice working out hunting weekend!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    I hope you are not including me in the "old boys" bit

    When are you in the Uk next mate??
    Aye, i indeed struck a nerve. Am going to Pete in beginning of april. Not sure if i can find the time to do a short visit to you then. But we will stay in touch.

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