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Thread: sako85 tool

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    sako85 tool

    Has anyone got the little tool thingy , to take down the bolt thanks gerry

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    My girlfriend says I have a little tool, she also says she can never find it but I'll let you know if it shows up

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    I have one for my 85 bongo. It's only made of plastic so a new one from GMK shouldn't be too expensive (fingers crossed).
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    Do you really need one ? The Sako TRG-22 has a tool for the job, but I've never needed one, it can be done by hand. And yes, I have stripped a TRG bolt before although if you twist it the wrong way, it's a bit of a burger to overcome the firing pin spring to go the correct way again


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    If its the same as a 75 I think I have a. Spare if not you can borrow mine not far from you

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    Thanks jb7x57 for the kind offer , And 8x57 , yes i got in touch with GMK and rrp is 14 so ive asked Brainthewaits cheadle to get me one , so fingers crossed. I guess you don't really need one , but knowing my luck i will get it apart and that will be it , so i would rather pay 14 or so .

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