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Thread: Custon sako 6x47

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    Custon sako 6x47

    hi there people here I have a nice 6x47 custom Sako

    it has a pack nor 24" barrel

    has a McMillan fiberglass stock

    it comes with a full length stainless PES mod

    Attachment 26056Attachment 26057Attachment 26058Attachment 26059

    comes with full load development and dies and brass

    this rifle shoots very well here is some pictures of a 4 shot group I shot at the weekend at 100 yrds

    Attachment 26060Attachment 26061

    welcome to come and view and try

    any questions just ask or ring 01538 308697

    1300 ONO

    Thanks CMR


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    and it was built by...............?
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    On which sako action?
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
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    fantastic rifle, i was there to watch mat shoot the four shot group through one hole, great shooting and a great piece of kit with dies and load recipe and brass

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    did you adjust the scope to shoot the group as theres a bullet hole on the left in the black

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    we think it was built by Steve Kershaw and the sako action is A2

    and yes Pete I did have to move the point of impact because I wanted the 4 shot group in the white so people could see how well this rifle really shoots


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