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Thread: Hi there, just wanted to introduced myself as I'm a newcomer

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    Hi there, just wanted to introduced myself as I'm a newcomer

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say hi as I'm new to the forum. I'll give you a bit of background about myself and why I've decided to join this forum.

    I've been interested in fieldsports since I was nine (now 29). Growing up on a farm on the Cheshire/Derbyshire boarder I was introduced to shooting by my dad. I'm mainly into shot gun shooting now, but I have tried my hand at the rifles and other single projectile weapons! I won my school airgun and archery competition when I was 11. I did a bit of small bore target shooting in my teens and I tried my hand at large bore target shooting at Bisley about three months ago, where I shot a .303. While I enjoyed the experience and managed to get consistent and fairly tight groups I struggled with the recoil a little - still glad I gave it a go.

    I used to work for BASC, before joining the Countryside Alliance (please, don't all boo at once ) last year. At BASC I spent just under two excellent years working in the Research Dept with John Harradine investigating everything from ballistics and shooting skills to environmental impacts of shooting and welfare issues associated with shooting. Not only did I get to immerse myself in some serious issues I got many shooting opportunities (thank you BASC)!!

    At the Alliance I carry out research across a range of areas from outdoor education and environmental stewardship to shooting and rural service issues, which underpins the Alliance policy work and campaigns. While I'm a bit more desk based now being in London, I try to get out to the Essex Shooting School (end of the central line and technically still in London) as much as possible to keep on top of my shooting skills. My main reason for joining this forum is to keep in the loop about whats happening on the ground.

    I look forward to picking up shooting tips and taking part in debates with the members of this forum.


    Charley May

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