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Thread: Average shot distance

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    Average shot distance

    I'm tired of posters who state their longest shot taken was x yards
    or ask at what distance can you take a shot or other questions of that ilk.

    I'm stating the following.
    That as a lowland/woodland deer stalker I intend to make the average distance of any ten deer I shoot to be around 100m +/-10%.
    My target is to get the average lower and so far after 8 shots it's 86.25m
    If I were to be lucky enough to stalk on the hills then this distance would have to increase accordingly.

    There I've made my standard for shot distance and what I call deer stalking - not target practice!

    Rant over


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    This year

    Longest 180m

    Shortest 5m

    Average I would guess to be between 50-60 meters.

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    The majority of my shots will be between 150-200m. Some over this and some under. My stalking terrain varies a lot. I am not a stalker who wishes to get as close as I can nor shoot deer from as far a distance as possible. I am a person who controls deer for a living and I am therefore aware that I need to effective

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    on the hill , 150m to 250m average i would say
    lowland 100m to 200m
    woodland 5m to 80m

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    15m to 165m, most under 100m.

    My limit would be 200m but that's what i consider within my capabilities.

    ​Never shot on open hill.


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    I would agree with rem284, if I am out doing the culling myself. I like to try and get paying clients into to around the 100m. Close enough to be reasonably sure of a killing shot and far enough out that a wee bit of fidgeting doesn't get the deer moving. Most of the time the topography dictates the final distance and as we're quite flat and open that can sometimes be around 150m. All of our clients are tested on the range before stalking so the guide has a reasonable idea of their competence.

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    I would agree with the previous poster when on the hill, in woodland usually less than 100m

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    Averaged, probably around 100m-150m
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    For what I do which is mostly woodland probably 50-80m. Longest shot this year was 240m off sticks but I didn't like it and spent most of the walk to the carcass thinking the worst about shot placement!

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