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Thread: 1861 Contract Muskets

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    1861 Contract Muskets

    My 1864 Wm Mason 1861 contract musket and the remains of the 1861 Trenton contract musket !

    Markings on the barrel of the Trenton gun . I have a complete original Trenton at home in the back of the safe but I'm not overly joyed about digging it out at the moment . The Wm Mason , the Zouave and a pair of Mississippi's were close to the front so the Wm Mason got the nod for possible shooting !
    Plus it's probably the worst of the bunch .

    Whats left of the Trenton would make a wonderfull hunting gun provided I can get it to shoot well enough inside 75 yards . We'll see what happens with it at a later date I think !

    Incidently I was given a barrel over the phone yesterday . The person that was giving it thought it to be a 58 cal rifled barrel from an 1861 or 1863 and it turned out to be a smoothbore 69 cal . So that one does me no good .
    Did however have the local #1 collector of Civil War stuff come in a few minutes ago and he agreed to lend me a 58 cal mini bullet mold and a nipple wrench .

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    If I can get my Wm Mason to shoot well enough with a mini bullet at 75 yards I'll see if I can't pot some poor unsuspecting whitetail with it this coming season

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    Be kinda neat to pot a deer with a 150 year old gun !

    I've killed a couple with lever actions that were 115 years old already .

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    Nice to see old stuff in use. Of course that is not allowed here in our Police state.

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