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Thread: Public Access Issues

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    Public Access Issues

    Last year I was out stalking and came across 2 ramblers (Yup one did have a red jacket on). With an unloaded gun I approached them to find out where they had come from and where they were intended to go...

    Well they became agressive saying they could go wherever they wanted and it was me who had to look out for them and adjust what I was doing. Im not a confrontational person and just pointed out that I pay for the rights to be there and for health and safety I needed to know where they were going to which the reply was "that way"... not very helpful

    All I'll say is it ruined my afternoon and I went home rather bewildered!

    Anyway how does the law see this open access and stalking issue? Who has more right? It was in Scotland

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    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure, but if it is classed as open access land then they are within their rights to amble wherever they want, regardless of whether you are stalking there or not. Check on the OS map, if it isn't OA then they're trespassing. If they're on a public right of way, similarly there is little you can do other than put signs up and be vigilant. That's the England situ anyway, and I think Scotland is similar.

    Why do people get so aggressive when asked to stop tramping everywhere? I remember once after asking someone to walk 500m to the footpath and saying that them walking across one of my bosses fields was like him tramping across their garden, only to get an earful of abuse about greedy landowners etc. Also was told that grass isn't a crop...what do the cows eat then?

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    Hi Coal
    I am afraid its happening more and more these days. Something to do with the right to roam. If your land is F.C like mine, they actively encourage walkers so we have to grit our teeth and be extra vigilant. The last trip I did, I saw someone in a place that was miles from anywhere. So went in a different direction.
    Some of our syndicate have just done a 2 day trip and been annoyed by Quad bikers driving all over the place. Again nothing can be done as the F.C and police cannot catch them. (This is getting an increasing problem in all forestries).
    The best policy I have found if confronted is to unload as you did and be polite, say hi and let them know in which area you will be, hoping they will stay away. I then carry on being vigilant.
    Try not to let it ruin your day if possible. You had the right to be there.
    All the best for the future.

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    Thanks guys. Its one of these very annoying things that generally people are not knowledgeable of the countryside anymore but they think they know everything.

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    Good advice from members. Unfortunatly it is something we all as stalkers have to live with, (people in the wrong place at the wrong time)

    I have leases in England and Scotland, and in Scotland people have the freedom to roam, which makes it difficult and dangerous at times. In England we do not as such have a law that allows the right to roam. Although its common place for folk to wander off footpaths and bridal paths which can cause problems for stalkers.

    I find that if you put up some signs, with the landowners permission stating that deer management is in progress and please avoid early morning and evening it can help. You will get those that choose to ignore them or even rip them down. But you are covering yourself by pre warning those intending on strolling around.

    Hope you have better luck next time you are out


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    I my self don't mind walkers etc and think that they like us have every right to be on the ground. The forestry commission are costing the tax payer millions of pounds as they have not made a profit since 2004. The forests now get classed as community woodlands that way they can say that the tax payers money is not totally waisted. With regards dangerous i don't think so i feel that every shot taken must have had full consideration of any dangers and any risk assessment on ground must now included other users of the country side. The big problems i see are if the DCS get the law passed were anyone can lamp deer now we might fall foul on that one.

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    One hundred percent agree with LDG. Every shot must be a safe shot. Ive been involved with lamping deer under licence and where shots were not safe they were not taken but in the hands of an excitable unexperienced person there could be some future issues!

    The other worrying thing is that if you come across someone or they come across you they may well call the police (due to lack of knowledge over land management) which is a totally different kettle of fish!

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