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Thread: Blizzard conditions west Lothian

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    Blizzard conditions west Lothian

    Well it is blizzard conditions out there. Road still open but little traffic and cars stuck in Whitburn. I hope this blows over before the weekend. The east coast is down for a pasting and Kelso is in the line of fire.

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    Believe it or not we got dumped on badly on the south kent/sussex border last week. Although it didnt last long after 2 days, but it was blizzard conditions for the whole day.

    3 weeks ago I was sitting at -3 with a client in a snow storm for an afternoon stalk, nothing moved!! funny that

    Hopefully the snow wont hang around to long. Ohh for some sunshine, warmth and the bluebells its been a long winter this one.
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    My mate is in charge of the Borders Council roads dept and I spoke to him today about the weather as they get continual updates. It's meant to blow in tonight but then 3 days of cloudy conditions and only a smattering of wet stuff thereafter. I am in the middle of it just now and about to get the dogs out the kennels and its only an inch or so.

    Glad we organised an indoor event!

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    Great stuff must be passin to the north of you. Still blizzard conditions here. Road is white. Very few cars moving and recovery trucks just gone past hauling cars.

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    fantastic. i am working at st andrews tomorrow

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    Pretty thick down this neck of the woods.


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    hasny halted in ther shire either, will be testing in the morn

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    It's alright in east lothian, there's only a couple of inches of snow (proper inches not man size ones) and it seems to be melting already

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    Absolutely dinging on here the now and a good few inches on the deck with strong winds so nay the best of conditions ootside.Might cancel the weekend if it carries on over the next day or two.

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    6 inch here with drifts of 5 foot out the hill hmm not the best morning for tracking foxes. retreat!!!!!!!!!!!

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