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    Question Small Game

    What are the legal issues with selling small game ie Rabbits. Got permission near home and the rabbit population is huge. Just wondered what the legalities would be with selling the bunnies on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Cheers JCS

    Quick response and the question answered.



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    The summary and "bull" free part:

    There is an exemption from the above rules when supply involves small quantities of in-fur/infeather carcases supplied either direct to the final consumer and/or to local retailers that directly
    supply the final consumer.
    In the UK these terms are currently being interpreted as follows:
    • Small quantities are now regarded as self-defining because demand for in-fur/in-feather
    carcases from final consumers and local retailers is limited.
    • Local is within the supplying establishment’s own county plus the greater of either the
    neighbouring county or counties or 50 km/30 miles from the boundary of the supplying
    establishment’s county.
    • Direct supply to the final consumer is not restricted by what is local. An individual or an
    estate can supply final consumers who order from them via the internet/mail order as well as
    those who collect themselves. "

    Its all very fluffy and grey when it comes to "small number" as you can see! I know wone dealer who told me not to bring more than 200 at a time!!
    The key part is "in fur" when it comes to rabbits.
    I sell a lot to a local dealer who is registered to buy "in fur" game. most butchers are not
    Otherwise register as a food business and process them into skinned rabbits and sell them for double if you can be bothered

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    so is it legal to sell skinned rabbits to a restaurant or hotel? can't seem to find the answer in the food standards agency....I know I can't sell deer unless its still in the jacket, is it the same for rabbits?

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    see the other thread as well

    it is still legal to sell them without jackets but you need to apply more certificates and checks (Food Business, HSE inspection, seperate prep area etc etc easier to just let them do it!)

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