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Thread: unusual behaviour in red hind

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    unusual behaviour in red hind

    The two video clips attached show a wild red hind making some unusual stretching and bending movements with her neck. Has anyone seen something similar, perhaps one of the deer farmers on the site? I have a couple of theories that I will air later.

    SSUNP0008_zps96d46663.mp4 Video by ionhjhamilton | Photobucket
    SSUNP0009_zps9f969b65.mp4 Video by ionhjhamilton | Photobucket
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    Looks like photo bucket does not support the vids you hav tried to upload
    can't help you there as to why not
    i would now look at You tube... The route I went
    not the ideal way but a way that worked for me
    fecking annoying I know and modern technology is not all it is cracked up to be

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    If I click on the attachments above they open, so now I'm totally confused!
    Could some one viewing this post give me a heads up if they have managed to view the clips. thanks. Ion
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    Works for me

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    ​works for me,

    not sure of the reason for movements of the hind so i will do the best i can and have a wild guess of two.

    1, not sure what they are eating or what you have out to draw them in to where the camera is but i suspect that it may be dry so the hinds moving its head to allow it to move down its throat

    2, my other guess would be an irritation on its back and its attempting to reach it to scratch it

    looks healthy mate so i wouldnt bother to much.


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    I would agree with the second theory above. I have pics of a Roe buck simultaneously scratching his arse on a tree and doing this. I assumed he could not reach the itch from either end

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    Is it just my old eyes or do I detect a thickening of the throat and a swelling low down on her flank? Abscesses of some sort?

    Over to the Vets I think?

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    keds in the centre of the back, cant reach with mouth or hoof

    common in horses with an itch they can't reach

    think the thickening on the flank looks more like the contrasting coat colours

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