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    IM hoping to buy a .308 in the near future, (waiting to sell my remmy 700), i have handled an x bolt, and am quite taken with it, does anyone have one of these, or any knowledge re good/ bad points. all advice welcome. thanks.

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    Just bought a Browning x bolt in 243. Nice rifle handles well, light trigger pull, good safety catch in the right place.

    At the moment it looks good and feels good. I have put a 3x9x40 Burris with illuminated reticle on it. The gun is on my ticket but belongs to a person I am mentoring at present.

    Has a North Star can on the end.


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    Many thanks sikamalc. my only concern is that it feels quite light to handle a .308, whats the recoil like in .243. other than that i think it just feels right. hope to get one soon, sale of my .243 allowing. thanks again. doonered.

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    With a can on the end there is no recoil to speak of. And as the person I am mentoring is a women who is fairly small in stature it works very well being a light rifle.

    Mind you by the time you add the scope and mod it puts some extra weight onto the rifle. I also have a Tikka Lite in 270 cammo with a T8. Nice light rifle shoots a treat.



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    thanks for the reply, i think ive just about made my mind up to get one when in a position to do so. the same shop also has a used, shr alpine which appears to have had very little use, this is the only other contender at the mo. thanks again. doonered.

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    I am mentoring a guy who has just bought a miruko M bolt. this is the same as an a bolt which was the forerunneer of the x bolt. many of the rifles features are the same. this is a great rifle he has just had it cut for a T8 and it makes it very pleasant to shoot in .308 win.

    i would recomend one whole heartedly


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    thanks for the info ruki. as a relative novice all advice is welcome. thanks again. doonered

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    I have an X bolt 243 here that ive just screwcut.

    Havent shot it, here are my observations.

    Synthetic bedding is poor - but at least it has some, unlike other brands.

    Bottom metal is ally and looks decent quality, I particually like the use of cap head screws as standard.

    Magazine is reasonably robust (nylon) and a good lock up in the bottom metal although I wonder how long the "lever" feed device will last.

    Bottom metal and mag reminiscant of Steyr Prohunter..

    Browning appear to have made the action so that only certain mounts fit it - each base has 4 6x48 screws - fiddly.

    Bolt has three lugs - the example I have here only two are in contact with the abutments....

    Like the M16 style extractor, bolt face recessed in bolt head - good safety feature.

    Trigger, hmm

    Washer style recoil lug, hmm

    Looks a nice compact stalking rifle, however I think it has been built to a budget in some places.

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    thanks for the info redmist, ive had a look at the x bolt, howa varmint and a little used shr alpine, all seem well put together rifles and would seem to fit the bill. just need to sell/ trade in my rifle now. thanks again. martin.

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    I have a Browning A-Bolt Titanium (you know which one Redmist) I looked at the X-bolt with interested the other week, the only difference I could see on the out side was a change to mounting of the scope bases with 4 bolts and not 2 per base. I was keen the see the rotary magazine as I am a fan of these on old 1903 Manlickers, but I was disappointed that it was made of plastic. The SHR is a first rate quality rifle right up there with Sako ect IMO the only down sides are that they come in only long action and not in Stainless steel.



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