I was fortunate enough at the end of the game shooting season this year to have a nights duck flighting with some friends and a local keeper who had just taken over an estate fairly close to home. To cut a long story short we were in the pub afterwards and the conversation turned to deer after which me and a friend gained some good stalking ground on a part of the shoot they arn't using at present.Theres plenty of game strips and a couple of small woods ideal for the deer.
We arrived with lots of time before dusk so had a good look round and decided on what we thought were the likley hot spots and then split up in the hope of seeing one or two as the light faded.
i stalked along aline of trees towards a small wood, as i moved round the back of the wood and looked out onto the field there was three deer feedind 125 yds away,with the wind in my favor and the wood providing excellent cover i had time to have a good look through the binos there was a nice buck a large (pregnant) doe and a doe follower. I readied my sticks, seated the rifle squeezed the trigger, a good sounding strike followed and she ran 25 yds before dropping. I stood and watched for a few minuets before aproaching and with no signs of movement went and retrived her to carry out the gralloch at the edge of the wood. Result!!! first time out on the ground and already 1 for the freezer

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Apologies for the picture quality but my mates not to smart wit a smart phone!!!!!