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Thread: Listen up all those going on the SD Scotland Trip

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    Listen up all those going on the SD Scotland Trip

    9 weeks to go before you guys arrive in Scotland to stalk with me and JAYB

    This is just another heads up on questions you may all have.

    Firstly JAYB has Emailed all those not yet paid. Please pay up as I need to pay the estate for the accommodation. Although I own the entire 8000 acre lease and all rights, I do not have any control over the accommodations.

    Thank you.

    Next, so you know all linen, bedding and towels are provided so you do not need to bring anything on those lines.
    All electric, heating and logs for the open fires are included in the rent.

    You must bring your own food and cook for yourselves. As JAYB pointed out there are very very few places to buy food, so bring it with you, or pick it up at the 24 hour Tesco's off the A9 at Inverness before you come up.

    Please ensure you bring your FA Certificates, proof of Insurance.

    Clothes, make sure you have well worn in walking boots that are waterproof and if possible gaiters. Wellies are ok as long as they are good ones, not cheap ones if you cannot afford walking boots.

    Bring silent, waterproof and windprrof clothing for stalking.

    Bring midge repellant, the little sods might still be about

    Bring sticks with you, most of the time you will be shooting off sticks in the wooded areas.

    There is a washing machine and tumble dryer available to wash clothes if needs be.

    Make sure you fill up with fuel in your car at Inverness, it is the cheapest place, and the nearest fuel station to where we are is about 37 miles.

    The ground lies about one hours drive (56 miles) NW of Inverness. JAYB or myself will give you directions before you come up.

    Please make sure that those arriving on the first three days arrive on SUNDAY THE 18TH in the afternoon or evening. Please make sure you are packed and ready to leave on the late afternoon of the WEDNESDAY 21ST as the new lot for the second part of the week arrive that afternoon and they must leave on the evening of SATURDAY 24TH October.

    Dogs are not allowed, this time, except mine

    Mobile phones do not work in the Glen but there is a pay phone in one cottage.

    There will be 4 CW's present and 1 AW for those wishing to have a deer signed off against their portfolio for Level 2.

    The ground is large enough and diverse enough to take 4 groups out without conflicting with each other.

    Look forward to seeing you all up there, anymore questions you can PM me. JAYB will be in touch with directions in the near future

    Cheers everyone look forward to it.


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    Thanks malc

    Im counting down the days fella and cant wait

    Cheque was sent.. please pm me if it hasnt arrived



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    got your cheque thanks, you can now sleep indoors!!

    Don't worry gents if you have sent your cheque thank you very much, I shall only jar you again if I do not receive it.

    See you soon


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    looking forward to meeting you all up bringing the entertainment with me.(fester)!!!!! steyr .243

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    As long as you bring his medication with you Andy he should be alright

    Looking forward to the laughs, of which I am sure there will be many.

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    we will all have aching ribs by the end of the week,and thats just from laughing at festers jokes,never mind him dragging my deer back!! i will give him some stick when i speak to him to get him back on here.cant ring him at the moment im waiting for a battery for my phone its gone so half my numbers are in the phones memory others on the being one of the one i cant get.i will be on at him by the weekend,i should have picked up a bit more medication last night when i was in the vets with my dogs

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    Well Bloody hell i managed to remember my password
    A up Andy i think you had better get yourself fit for scotland as its you gonna be dragging deer off the ground Mine of course as i will show you again how its done
    Looks like we will have some fun up there so hope your all up for a laugh
    Can you remember to bring my white hat that i left hanging from the cottage ceiling in sussex mate

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    not the white hat good to see you back on here mate,give me a ring over the weekend,not got your numbers at moment.

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    I hope that bloody sunhat is waterproof


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