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Thread: Zeiss Classic Diatal 8x56 T* IR Scope?

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    Zeiss Classic Diatal 8x56 T* IR Scope?

    Hi Chaps,

    some advice please

    I am researching the expensive minefield of scopes while I also mull over stalking rifles. I am leaning towards .308, and a fixed 8x56 scope.

    However most modern scopes are variable and these classics less and less available, but I like the idea of simplicity. Swarovski don't seem to do them new at all now.

    Am I mad getting the Zeiss fixed when I could get a more modern Zeiss variable Duralyt for similar ? Or is the latter cheaper optics and poorer build?

    Thanks in advance.


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    go for a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 illum rect, very similar money to the 8x56 but you have the option to adjust it zoom which will be handy if woodland or out on the hill etc

    after all you can alway leave it on 8 zoom, but its there if you need it

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    If you can get hold of a Swarovski 8x56 Illuminated they are superb
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    thanks - seems opinion is going to be as divided as my own deliberations...

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    Duralyt s are cheaper feeling , for certain .

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    jager sa on the site has a zeiss 7x50 ir for sale, imo as good a scope as you will ever need

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    cheers Scudd, I'll look at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    If you can get hold of a Swarovski 8x56 Illuminated they are superb

    ​Is the right answer IMO got three 8x56 S&B love them

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    I have one of these with the after market turret!

    Its great and as a fan of the variables I had the same dilemma!

    My two pennies worth - if your doing a lot of woodland stalking then opt for the variable. If your more focused towards the hills or open land then the fixed works wonders.

    on another point - your mind and eye get used to a fixed sight picture with repetition...the more you change the picture the more you have re-educated your mind (although a matter of seconds)!! By taking out the change you reduce the number of thinking variables and simplify the whole process.

    also consider the mag on your binos, I have found it handy having the same mag in both! Again what one looks like so does the other!!!

    just my opinion not right not wrong, what works for me!


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    I have a 308W with a S&B 8X56 on top and I've never needed anything else. I stalk in forestry a lot and my shots have ranged from 20 yards to 250 yards and I've never wanted to change the scope. Most people I've met with variable scopes seem to end up leaving them on the same magnification all the time anyhow, maybe winding them up to max when they are zeroing on paper. I don't think you will ever go wrong with Zeiss and the only optics I've seen that are better were a Nickel scope, however that is a few years back and it is possible advances at Zeiss have put them ahead of even Nickel. None the less if you can get a look at a fixed Nickel be sure to give it a go, big money maybe but about the only real competition to Zeiss in my view.

    I paid 250 for my S&B second hand and while they might be a bit more than that now you might be able to get a good 2nd hand deal and have enough cash left over for a week at hinds. Worth thinking about, especially when you open the shooting mags and see the adverts that your hard earned pays for with some optics companies!
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