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Thread: TNVC Torch Pro IR Illuminators arrived

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    TNVC Torch Pro IR Illuminators arrived

    Ahead of the WASP CNVD system I announced on the forum a while ago the IR extreme distance illuminators have arrived.
    For all those looking for the ultimate in long distance illumination for their NV setups. Previously only available in the US due to ITAR regulations they are now available in the UK via Riflecraft.
    These provide undoubtedly the best illumination available on the market. There is a host of reviews about them in US forums and some great footage on YouTube.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The main point of difference with the competitors is the lens system .Made in Germany to the highest optical standards .The front lens stays put while an internal lens focuses the light. As well as giving better focus at long range it also means no shadowing or black spot when focused in a tight beam.
    Price will be 230
    Complete information available here…..

    6.77″(L) x 1.73″(OBJ) x 1.0″(Tube)
    Mounting Area:
    9.5 oz. w/ Batteries
    Aerospace-Grade Aluminum, Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized
    Infrared Light Emitting Diode (LED)
    Peak Wavelength:
    Effective Range (No Moon):
    800 yards (1 deg beam width setting)
    1 – 10
    FOV @ 1,000yds:
    56′ – 577′
    Two (2) 3-Volt CR123A Batteries
    Tactical Runtime:
    10 – 12 Hours
    Operating Temp:
    -58 F to 122 F
    6′ for up to 30 Minutes
    Light Body Compatibility:
    Surefire G2, G2X, G2L, 6P, 6PX, 6PD, 6PL, 6PDL, C2, C2L, C3, C3L, G2Z, G2ZL, Z2, Z2L, P2X, P2XD, P2ZX
    Tail cap Compatibility:
    Surefire XM, Z59
    1 Year Warranty
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    So how does this compare to the Dereelight Night master 800IR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetidude69 View Post
    So how does this compare to the Dereelight Night master 800IR?
    We've had them out in the field alongside Nightmasters with estate owners who already own the 800ir.

    Feedback as follows:

    Overall illumination was better especially at distance and provided a more even cone of light at all ranges.

    On spot there was no shadowing in the middle of the beam.

    Focus system was easier to use and will not dial past the most effective flood and spot settings.

    Only complaint was why can't we make it the same price as a Nightmaster? Answer is its German made, more complex focus system to build, and the lenses are a lot more expensive.

    (they still opted to buy them though, which to me says they felt it was an improvement worth investing in )

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    Looks good, I will have a better look later when I get more time

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