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Thread: Any 416 Rigby owners out there?

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    Any 416 Rigby owners out there?

    Out of interest do you have any conditions on use in the UK or limitations to practising at ranges in the UK?

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    Can't remember. I'll have a look at my FAC in the morning. How casual am I? I'm sure everyone else on here knows every detail off by heart!
    Before I bought it I did ask my Licensing Dept. if they would let me buy it and also if they would let me have any ammo. Both answers were positive. At 15 per round I don't want to bang away too much!

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    I can use my 416 on a forest I lease in Scotland (it has a 100 yd long quarry) for zeroing and can use it to stalk red deer in Scotland on some land I have access to.

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    I shoot mine at Minsterley in Shropshire and very occasionally at Christchurch, it just falls below the usual muzzle energy restrictions. Unfortunately some Police forces use cartridges of the world as gospel when it comes to quoting energy and velocity, these figures tend to be on the very optomistic side. That said there are no restrictions on my FAC but obviously I'm limited to FMJ as I'm just target shooting and as a consequence bullets tend to be more expensive than soft points.

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