Hi there All.

I have recently found this site and think it is great.

I have been in the UK for five and a half years now and I have yet to hunt here. I did my fair share of hunting when I lived in South Africa, but now only squeeze in the odd hunt when I visit there.
I have had to give away my rifles and hand guns, that I owned, due to my residency in the UK. I now have to borrow a rifle, shotgun and be in the owners presence when hunting. I did however love borrowing a 300WSM when I hunted Black Bear in BC Canada, it is a fantastic caliber, and Black Bear is a top hunt.
I am looking to join a rifle club, and get back into the swing of things again. I believe that firearm certificates are hard earned, but you can have numerous guns on them. I can't wait.
I live in Epsom and work in Woking, so if anyone can recommend a club nearby, I would appreciate it greatly.
I would also love the opportunity to go along on a hunt/stalk just as an observer, skinner etc

Kind regards