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Thread: Barn Owl

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    Barn Owl

    Just had some nice down time with my other half in the local town in mid Kent, and driving back across the countryside near our home we came across a Barn owl flying at 4.00 in the afternoon. The most interesting part about it was that it was only about 15yds from our vehicle and was hunting a rough verge along the edge of a stream bed across the marsh. We followed it for about 200yds!! The sun was out (for a change) and the light off the wings and the colours were wonderful.

    As usual never had my Nikon camera with me as it would have made some cracking photos. But another moment given by mother nature that money just cant buy, beautiful to watch and made the day for both of us .
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    I was treated to some cracking views of a short eared owl at the weekend whilst out stalking, the bird had no idea I was there, like you say, it's lovely what mother nature can send ours way sometimes! Always when the camera is at home though!

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    Lovely birds to see and very rare around me they have started to turn up but don't stop long !

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    Im lucky that my favourite stalking area has a barn which has a nest of barn owls every year. See the pair almost every time I go down. Not many places like that!

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    Beautiful birds - - I get them coming to the "Squeak" when out Foxing - - anyone else experienced the same ?

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    I swear this is a true story. Went out many years ago with an old lad after fox at night with the Lamp. He was using a Widgeon call to do a passable distress come dying rabbit style call. The lamp is off and he is giving it what for with the call and something swooped over my head, i barely heard it and said to the old lad 'what the feck was that?' He put the lamp on in time to see a Barn Owl coming out of the dark at us. The call must have brought it for a look. An amazing and wonderfull sight.


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    You posted as i was typing my post. As you can see it has happened to me. I thought i was the only one .


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    We are lucky to have several breeding pairs on the shoot and when ever I come across anyone who's interested I can usually find at least one to show them most times of the day as we have two old barns they reside in .we had an RSPB bird count a few yrs ago and the counter didn't believe me he nearly had a heart attack when it flew within a foot of him as I opened the barn door .

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    We have very good numbers round here and you can virtually gauruntee to see one at any time of the day. Always see them and call them in when out lamping!
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    Driving to Reading last weekend and my wife saw one hunting the verge/field margin and it was probably getting on for Midday!

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