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Thread: Hello from Co Down

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    Hello from Co Down

    Hello all. I have been shooting for a long time but, so far, have not had the chance to stalk. I'm interested in old guns and am renovating an 1886 Mk III Martini-Henry. I move between Co Down, Midlothian (for those of you who live south of Watford, they are in Northern Ireland and Scotland!!) and also the Western Cape. By all accounts some shooters use the Martini-Henry for antelope and big game in southern Africa. I target shoot in a rifle club and would like to acquire an interesting vintage .22, something like a 1930s Mauser trainer which, Im led to believe are very accurate. Maybe I'll also get some advice on how to come by .45/.577 cartridges!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hello and welcome, good to see another well travelled County Down player onboard

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    Welcome to SD

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