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Thread: Two More Last Night

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    Two More Last Night

    Tonight Bossman asked if i wanted to go over to Yeovil to some of his permission as his Farmer has been seeing alot of Foxes,so i said well if i must lol so we set off at 8.45 pm and when we go to the Farm in the first field there were a few Rabbits not many, and we were a bit taken back as on this Farm you would fall over the Rabbits because there were so many but now it a bit on the baron side. Any way we made our way around and it was light because of the half moon no wind and to make things worse Yeovil Town were playing Swindon tonight and we were only Half a mile away from the Football Ground and the noise was loud to say the least.We plodded on through one field and then another , we did see a few Badgers and a few Rabbits but as yet no Fox. We came to a lane the other side of the Farm and in the distance i picked out a Fox through the Archer but it was 300 yards away at least, we slowly walked towards it and i'm thinking we are wasting our time as it was so light and quiet but i kept checking through the NV and Charlie was still there sat down looking at us,i put the sticks down and slid the Archer onto my 243 Focused on the Fox and Bang over he went at 166 yards , as we got to the Fox it was a good sized Dog Fox and Bossman said the Farmer we be pleased with that one.


    We then started back towards the Truck to walk a couple of fields on the other side of the Farm and all the time we could hear the cheers and boos coming from the Football match, we were walking closer to the game and the noise was constant who won i can't tell you . In the second field another Fox came into sight and as before on with the Archer up on the sticks and Bang number two hit the ground at 127 yards.


    Bossman said i'll let the Farmer know in the morning about the nights events, and said he will be very pleased with the out come of our efforts, it was'nt the best type of weather for a foxing night but it still payed off and two is better than none.

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    well done fella!! There is really no such thing as a bad night for it. I shot 3 one night with a clear sky, no wind and a full moon. The NV adds a lot as foxes who are used to seeing people in the dark are also used to people not being able to see them. Often walking towards them but at a slight angle away allows you to get close enough for a shot, ie as if you are going to walk past them not straight at them.

    Keep it up

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