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Thread: A proper Rifle

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    A proper Rifle

    This is my idea of a proper rifle. Not controlled round feed, bolt handle on left hand side, in 275 Rigby ( 7x57). If I was ordering it, I would ask for it to be in 7x64 with a slightly longer foreend and front swivel on a proper band. HERE WE GO AGAIN - Dorleac H - Topic

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    nice , not my cup of tea but nice none the less.

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    Nice ! I would have a left hooker also

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    Hmmm I see lots of ideas used in that one. Rigby bolt tail peep Holland fore sight, modified Mauser action. Not sure if I like the way the pistol grip has been done .............................. hmmm.

    Over all it has nice classic lines rather in the way the M10 Ross rifle did.

    I might not have had one built quite that style but it's certainly pleasing to the eye.

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    Sorry, but as opinions are being canvassed I wouldn't have this as a gift even though I'm a southpaw.

    It looks like it jumped straight out of the history pages as far back as the court of the 'Sun King' Louis XIVth. If only they had bolt action rifles then this would fit that era. It seems so dated and ornate with lots of flesh-catching adornments.... and yet it probably has a price tag of $thousands.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Sinistral, I appreciate its not everyones cup of tea - it is mine though.
    While it certainly has some venerable lines, the philosophy of the rifle is that of an old rigby style plainsgame rifle.
    It is to be used with open sights ( peep hole) and very rarely will it have a scope mounted. Imagine shotgun style hunting, rifle in trail position and ready for shots on the run rather than the more stationary rigs of today carried in a sling on the shoulder with a hubble telescope mounted.

    Hunting has changed a bit, but for the better?
    Styling is very Holland&Holland inspired, I wanted an early style rifle and Im happy with my choice as Im sure you are with yours.
    Happy hunting everyone!

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    Here is my go-to tool for occations where the hunter might become the hunted:

    AHR 550 DGR Chambered in 375 H&H to include the following:
    Match grade chrome-moly barrel at 23"
    NECG/H&H style banded front ramp with brass bead an flip-up night sight.
    Banded sling mount on barrel
    Square receiver surfaces and lap bolt lugs, smooth all surfaces.
    Duane Wiebe one-piece bottom metal
    Oberndorf bolt handle
    AHR three-position safety
    AHR single-stage trigger set at 3-1/2 lb. pull
    Guncote all metal
    AAA English walnut stock Dark wood
    LOP 14-1/4"
    Ebony forend tip and grip cap
    Two cross-bolts
    1" Decellerator recoil pad
    NO cheekpiece
    Wrap checkering
    Electroless nickel plate internal parts of action
    Quarter rib with fixed and one folding rear blade filed to shallow V
    Nitre blue extractor and collar
    Regulate iron sights at 70 yds using Barnes Vortex 300gr. ammo with 6`o clock hold

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    "Here is my go-to tool for occations where the hunter might become the hunted:

    AHR 550 DGR Chambered in 375 H&H to include the following:"

    If that was me who might become hunted I'd want a double in something that started with a 4.....

    416 Rigby.............. 458 Lott etc.......

    Beautiful rifle though.
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Beautiful! Bolt is on the correct side for me also.

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    The 375 is regulated for Barnes TSX bullets in 300g. Im fairly confident in its ability to bring down anything this side of an elephant!

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