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Thread: Tikka T3 Hunter

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    Tikka T3 Hunter


    For sale is my Tikka T3 Hunter in 25-06 calibre.

    The rifle is completely standard with the factory wooden stock and a 22'' blued barrel . . the twist is 1-10

    The rifle has been well used however the stock and action are in very good condition.

    The barrel has been checked by a rifle smith and is showing some wear and a degree of pitting. .

    The rifle still shoots beautifully and is perfectly accurate, still shooting MOA . . .

    Nevertheless any prospective buyer should be aware that the barrel may well be coming to the end of its life, I have adjusted the price to reflect this.

    Also included in the price is a .25 T8 Moderator.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD . . . the rifle and moderator can be shipped no hastle to your local RFD.

    PM for further information.
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    I will take this please.

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    why am i always too late!! lol

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    SOLD to Nomis.

    That must be a record fast sale of a firearm on SD surely.
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