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Thread: DNZ Game Reaper Mounts

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    DNZ Game Reaper Mounts

    Guys i'm looking for a set of DNZ Game Reaper Mounts to fit a Howa 1500 action.

    If anyone has a set they are willing to sell, or indeed can point me in the direction of a retailer with a set in stock I would be much obliged.



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    I daresay you know, but Highland Outdoors have ceased distributing them.

    They still have some left in a few sizes. They keep their website up to date with stock.

    Otherwise Midway can get them.

    But from the stock situation on Midway USA it seems the supply has become erratic, to say the least.

    Shame, because they are a decent fresh design.

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    Give The Wiltshire Shooting Centre a ring they had some in the other day don't know which models though

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    hi cadex try glenluce gunrooms i'm sure i saw three or four hanging up this week don't know which models though tel 01561300682 regards Tam

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    thanks guys, all sorted now

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