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Thread: 4x4 advice

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    4x4 advice

    I am buying a 4x4 for towing quad bike & lugging shooting kit and would like a bit of helpful advice .

    Car will do 2000 miles a year and will not be main car , Must be 4 door , automatic , full monty spec and not fussed about fuel costs . will not go extreme offroad but must manage farm tracks , mud & snow .

    Choices are 2004-2007 vintage

    Freelander HSE either 2.0td or 2.5V6 , not sure about rear door opening with trailer hitched up

    Nissan XTrail 2.5 SVE

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    any input from users of the above with any pros & cons or any known faults would be appreciated


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    Bigger the better so Jeep would be my choice.

    Merc ML's can be had for sensible money ,especially the v8 petrol versions.

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    Had a Merc ML with all mod cons and it was superb both on and off road and as R8 user says since you will not be doing a high mileage V8 petrol versions can be had for reasonable money. A LR Range Rover may also be an alternative but reliability may be an issue.


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    any thing with land rover on the bonnet is best left in the car showroom!! from my experience.

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    From your selection I'd go jeep , R8 user is right , bigger is better

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    had a few jeeps over the years,all the bells and whistles and good off road

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    I learned to drive in my maternal grandfathers 1964 Jeep CJ-5 . I also owned a CJ-5 or two of my own over the years . So I am a Jeep person of sorts !

    I am a Jeep person that lkes the Jeeps made from 1946 until about 1966 . CJ-2A , CJ-3A , CJ-3B , CJ-5 and CJ-6 .Had a Jeep Grand Cherokee of 1996 vintage and while it was a nice enough station wagon and snow cummuter on the highway it was not what I would call an off road vehicle .

    I have no idea what the Nissan or the Freelander look like .
    If it were me I'd be more inclined to get a nice used HiLux 4 door and you can carry the ATV in the truck bed !
    Thats what I do with my old circa 2000 Chevy S-10 ZR2 Ext cab 4x4 , I can just fit my Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4 in the back with the tailgate down !

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    Avoid the freelander for a start,, totally crap..

    For the use you mention, I would buy a SWB Pajero

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    Hilux Surf ticks the boxes


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    Avoid the auto box on the jeep, expensive problems are common at 60,000 miles, as I have just discovered

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