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Thread: 9.3 x 74R

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    9.3 x 74R

    Am after dies, cases, bullets or what have you for 9.3 x 74R. Thanks for looking, Chris.

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    "What have you done now Chris?"


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    I've been a very naughty boy! Money I haven't got on things I don't need - again! Need a bit of help feeding it.

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    Wish I could help you out as it's a fine cartridge but unfortunately not very popular yet in this country. Back last year The Sportsman in Exeter had a pile of Speer 270 grn bullets in stock and Westlander had a stock of lighter weight bullets that were really intended for loading in 9.3x72r rather than the longer 74 cases but they work just fine.
    Try looking on for cases and dies because the calibre is very popular in Germany and once fired cases and used dies often come up at a reasonable price.
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    Send Andy at Moray Outfitting a PM. He has thoroughly researched this recently!

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    i have some hornady dies here
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    Thanks lads, have now got some secondhand RCBS dies and some once fired Norma cases. Will mail Andy later, once again thanks for your help everyone. This is what makes SD the best.

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