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Thread: Parker-Hale Safari 25-06 loads

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    Parker-Hale Safari 25-06 loads

    Hi guys. I'm new to all of the reloading mechanics. Altho fairly clued up now on the very basics, I was wondering if anyone has found their ideal load for this caliber and what powder? Or even with this rifle and caliber? I want to stay with one bullet weight to start with, 115 or 117 grains. Reason being that i'm starting to stalk a bit more up in Scotland on large West Coast Reds and wanted the extra put-down of the heavier heads. But at the same time i'm stalking large Fallow. Ah the joys of being in the vicinity of Fallow Farm with an open fence policy ! Any help as a staring point would be great.

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    25-06 loads

    I am using 117g sierra boat tails with 51grains of Hodgson 4831 with success on red/ fallow and roe, grouping is under 1" at 100 yds. Gun is a Manlicher Pro Mountain with ASE Ultra Jet Z compact moderator.

    In my .243 I am using 100 g siera boat tails with 41g of the same powder in a Howa 1500 with predator moderator. Groups slightly larger at about an inch.


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    Hi I use 115 gr bt nosler and 46.6 grs of n160 and been good on red falloŵ roe fox good luck

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