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Thread: Fac wording confusion

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    Fac wording confusion

    Finally got my variation back from Warwickshire after nearly 3 months, and there's 2 parts of the conditions that are confusing me, it states the .243 rifle + moderator to be used for shooting deer and all other lawful quarry while under the supervision of a suitably qualified deer stalker, now to me that sounds like I can only use the rifle while with a suitable deer stalker even while lamping.. I also would like too know what a suitably qualified deer stalker is? Just another shooter with deer on there certificate or someone who has dsc1 dsc2 and all other qualifications, too me the wording is not really explaining alot...

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    Phone up the Firearms Dept and ask them? Simples!

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    Warwickshire are only part time now and never there, ring my feo and its answer phone I only work part time hours now ring this number that no one answers... Not so simple huh?

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    They will have an email address, keep it in writing and be patient if you can't get them on the phone, only they can give you the definitive answer you're after.......

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    I would say you can only use the rifle when with someone with an open ticket !
    But i would ring or write to them to get confirmation as what their idea of a suitable qualified person is !

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    When I finally get hold of someone tomorrow ill ask what it means because if it means I can only go lamping or zeroing with a deer stalker it's no use what so ever

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    So to shoot fox at night, you need to be accompanied by a qualified deer stalker?

    I call that "Constructive Refusal." Research that phrase and see if you agree with me.

    Then write a letter, sent recorded delivery and include that phrase. It seemed to work for me when getting a mentoring condition removed.

    If you call and speak to them, I don't think it helps them keep an audit trail of their decisions. If they have your letter, they can file it away as proof. That's my theory anyway.

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    Yes I see what you mean with the constructive refusal, my feo didn't have a problem with me having a .243 as I have another centrefire anyway, he just wanted supervision while stalking and after a few stalks he will lift that condition, I don't know if its just worded wrong, or as you said a constructive refusal :/

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    Ollie, go to the licensing dept, my mate in Rugby went there last october when he had a problem and they rectified it there and then.
    Your 243 condition is overly restrictive ans virtually unusable ask them to clarify the position on lamping for fox and have it seperated form the deer stalking condition.


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