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Thread: Minox scope question

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    Minox scope question


    I'm thinking about investing in a new scope. A certain Scottish gunshop are selling minox scopes brand new half price, they have the ZA5 range and I'm particularly interested in the 6-30x50 which they are offering at 499 instead of the rrp of 999. Seems like a bargain

    Does anyone have one or used one? Feedback would be really useful otherwise its going to be a zeiss duralyte.

    Thanks for any help


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    They are pretty good.

    So good, we actually went to that 'certain gunshop in Tain' for a ZA5 2-10x40 for the course rifle.

    Good optics and performed faultlessly thus far, to be honest I'd pause before putting down 1000 on something other than one of the big German names, but at the prices they are currently up for - they are a great deal.

    Personally prefer circa 15-18x maximum as image flattening much above that renders the higher mags generally less effective than is imagined - and that applies to those self same big name scopes equally.

    I would certainly take one in preference to the Duralyt at those prices.
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    You cant go wrong at that price, although i believe the objective is 56mm and not 50mm

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    My 2-10 x 40 from the same 'certain gunshop in Tain' arrived today – having ordered it on Friday afternoon after a tip off/recommendation from Andy at Moray.

    Sadly I don't yet have a gun to attach it to (FAC on the way) but I can vouch for super quick delivery and great service to match the extremely keen price.

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    I've run a Minox 6-30x56 BDC for about a year now. For the money it is a very good scope. As has already been alluded to, the higher magnification has its limitations, but then you're shooting serious ranges winding it up that far.
    If I have a criticism it is that the eye relief is a little fussy, particularly at the higher mags, but the customer service and warranty from Minox are top notch. I have no hesitation in recommending Minox as a market leading scope in that price bracket.
    Pound for pound, it's a better buy than a Zeiss and the optics are as good - made by Schott in Germany.
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    I was eyeing them up the other day too.

    Decisions decisions....

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    I bought the 4-20x50 model online, and found it awful so returned it for a refund.
    The optics were very disappointing, with a tiny field of view. The build quality was poor with gritty turrets. Overall I found it a very cheap feeling piece of kit and not worth what I paid for it, and I imported it from the USA for half UK prices.
    I found it in no way equal to my Zeiss or Swarovski scopes, or even mid priced ones I currently have from Weaver, Bushnell and Meopta.
    I was very disappointed as I was hugely impressed with Minox binoculars, which I have found great irrespective of price.
    Maybe I got a bad one?
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