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Thread: New Yukon Photon 5x42 V Digital Night Vision

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    New Yukon Photon 5x42 V Digital Night Vision

    Hello all,

    As you will be aware we are demonstrating the fantastic new Yukon Photon digital night vision riflescope at this weekend's Stalking Fair.

    Mounted to a rather special looking piece of hardware, you can try out the Photon with the built in laser IR, or we are also lucky enough to have the brand new prototype of the fully covert Nightmaster Infrared illuminator attached to the device also. With a shorter illumination range than the NM800IR, the new illuminator operates in the completely covert spectrum, so is ideal for wild boar etc who appear very subsceptical to non covert IR devices...i.e they get spooked easy!

    We have been testing the Yukon Photon in the field, and for a nv riflescope with an envisaged retail price of £399 you will be gobsmacked at the performance for the investment, particularly when combined with a Nightmaster.

    With a detection range of up to 190metres, built in Laser IR, illuminated reticle and video out for recording footage, external power supply input, and weaver accessory rail (ideal for a NM800IR) the new Yukon Photon 5x42 V is simplistic in it's features, making it very easy to use, but remarkable in it's performance vs money.

    (At distances of up to 150m with a Nightmaster, it was as clear as an N750 on a fox sized object)

    Nice and easy to zero with traditional turrets, and illuminated reticle (with NV mode for night use), we are so impressed with the performance, for short to medium range use at night, it will inevitably dominate the NV market.

    We will be showing a variable range field test demo video of the Nightmaster IR illuminator v On Board built in Laser IR at the show, and of course you can try the new covert Night Master, and the current best selling Nightmaster NM800IR on the Photon in our dark tunnel (albeit at restricted range, given stand space limitations)

    As this post is written we do not have a confirmed delivery time, however we anticipate late April/May, so we hope to be able to take initial pre-orders at the show only, with a small deposit, as with current interest being so huge we expect to sell out of our substantial pre-order stock before it arrives!

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hello Paul.
    I cannot possibly get to the fair but am interested in this new toy.
    I have to know if it can be fitted to the Daystate Airwolf. My concern is with the access for the magazine given the bulk of the unit.
    Of course anything is possible with high enough mounts.
    Do you have any views on this application please.


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    Hi Bryan, essentially the scope is a traditional 30mm tube which will require the user's own mounts.

    On the pictured rifle it is fitted to a picatinny rail using traditional high weaver ring mounts

    When fitted to a PCP air rifle the tube should pose no further hindrance than a traditional day scope as the front mounted NV unit should be clear of the mag area.

    Happy to fit it to an Airarms or similar and take a pic early next week.

    The pictured rifle application is a low profile mount given the rail system is raised as standard.

    Thanks for your enquiry



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    I have had a couple of PM's on the following subject so posting for your info.

    Yukon are listing an envisaged Photon S and a Photon V in their forthcoming release.

    The UK distributor "may" not bring in both however....

    The S is a LED IR illuminator equipped unit where as the V has a laser IR unit.

    We will be selling purely the V model.



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    Do you have any videos of this unit in action ,I had looked forward to having a look at Kelso but obviously the weather had other ideas.

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    Sorry if this is a daft question but does this unit double up as a day scope?

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    Hello, Bmcphers83, yes indeed the unit can be used during the day, however will be a digital image and therefore not the comparative clarity to your normal day scope.

    Intrinsically the Photon is not affected by bright light exposure, so you can use it comfortably where bright light could be directed to the device

    i.e headlights, street lamps etc

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    HW60 Sniper, drop me a PM ref video.



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    Any video available yet please

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    Pm sent Scott Country

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