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Thread: Worcestershire/Gloucestershire Lad

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    Worcestershire/Gloucestershire Lad

    Hi all!

    I'm Baggy and live on the border of the two. Not a native I must add (as will quickly be seen by my surname!). Born in the UAE and lived there for 10 years then moved here. Bloody cold in comparison! And not a great deal of fauna in the desert.
    Went to school in Worcester then to boarding school near Cirencester. Incidentally where they had a clay shooting club. Brilliant!
    Started stalking around 6 years ago. But only just got round to sorting out my Firearms. Now the owner of a 17HMR with a 25-06 on the way next week. Started by following friends out before being handed the rifle and have taken to it with gusto! Would almost say i'm verging on OCD.
    Mainly stalk around home, Suffolk and Scotland with a few invites from other areas. It matters not to me which type of stalking but i'd have to say that mornings are what i really enjoy.
    Been reading the site for a while now and have found it brilliant for information and would like to lend a hand where i can.


    Ben Baghdadi

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    Hello Baggy,welcome to the site,look forward to reading your posts.

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