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Thread: Swazi sale, heads up

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    Swazi sale, heads up

    Just had an email, Swazi NZ have a 20% sale on, now, if you're a Swazi Clan member, but general sale later in the month. Easy to join the clan tho, just sign in! The sale makes the Thar 219 posted, but may be subject to import duties. Couldn't leave it for that price!

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    Just ordered a Thar - how do they do the carriage for eleven quid?

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    I am guessing the Swazi stuff is like modern day Swanni gear? I do like the old swanndri but wouldn't mind not smelling like a wet dog

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    you got a link please

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    I have the swazi tahr and the swanndri. For dry weather I love the swanndri but in wet there's nothing better than the swazi. 219 of the tahr is a steal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psstalking View Post
    you got a link please
    Try this

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    Also just bought a few bits and bobs! Swazi top notch gear used it for years!

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    How do you guys who have a swazi find it? A friend has a ridgeline and says it traps in so much moisture he feels wet on the inside. I know a lot of people who buy Swazi says they are the dogs ********, but it is so similar in design to the ridgeline I cannot hep but think on a hard day out in the mountains, rather than sat ina high seat somewhere, they are also going to trap moisture. I know the arguments for proper layering, but I don't want to spend that much on a swazi and find it is like a ridgeline as the ridgeline is incredibly dry, which is the problem nothing gets out either!

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    You can't even compare Ridgeline with Swazi (poor mans equivalent) I've used a Ridgeline and totally agree! It's like wearing a black bag. If you look after your tahr properly it's an awesome piece of kit. It's a superb deal that Swazi are offering at the moment, I purchased a pair of trousers today.

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    I have used swazi for years and there's a reason why swazi is 250-350 Instead of Ridgelines 120-150. Once you have had a swazi you will never look back, unbelievably waterproof and doesn't hold moisture . Ridgeline is a poor copy in my eyes. But I can understand if you can't afford that kind of money but I have had my swazi tahr for 5 years ish and its still as good as new and I wear it 1-2 times a week. Don't really see a ridgeline lasting that kind of time.

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